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Tips For Offices To GO GREEN | OFISKITA

Tips For Offices To GO GREEN | OFISKITA

Going green isn’t something that only has to be done in your time and it isn’t that DIFFICULT or COSTLY you might think. In fact, it will definitely save you a lot of costs. YES, A LOT! You may apply sustainability concepts in every single part of your life and where you go, including your workplace too! With a few simple product swaps and some greener habits applied, your workspace will be on the way to earning some serious eco-friendly bragging rights! All that is required is an intention to do something for this planet that has given you amazing landscapes and exotic species to look at and admire. OfisKita has a few tips to share on how offices go green and stay sustainable!

Commit to printing less or go paperless

While going completely paperless may never be possible, companies can take steps toward a paperless future! As we are living in this digital age, try to commit to printing less by sharing all the documents in the cloud drive instead of printing all of them out! If you have to commit to heavy printing, try to purchase great quality papers that are suitable for double-sided printing!

Reuse the back of that paper for quick messages and notes. Always ask your vendors and clients for the option of electronic and online bills and statements!

Buy in bulk

Sometimes things that seem to provide convenience or fanciness will actually cost you more than buying in bulk such as single-serving packets of sugar, cream for your pantries, a pack of A4 papers, and more! So, please buy all your office essentials in bulk instead of purchasing them one by one as this will eliminate excessive packaging!  Not to mention that they’re generally easier to find in the store. It also will prevent employees from wasting the product itself — rather than using one or two packets, we can pour out the exact amount we desire!

Avoid using one-off products

Whether for daily use in the office pantries or office gatherings, try to avoid using one-off products such as single-use cups, single-use plates & cutleries, and more! Not only do they contain non-biodegradable substances which are harmful to the environment, but it is also a huge cost in long term! Try to carry around a reusable bottle or thermos for your water or coffee!

You are more likely to stay hydrated and will feel good knowing you are helping the environment! PS…it is also more hygienic too!

Unplug every time when you are leaving

Ever feel like there’s something haunting your monthly electrical bills and you don’t know the reason why? It might just be standby power sucking your precious power! It is simply not enough to power down devices before leaving as power is still being consumed if it’s plugged in. Standby power can become a huge, unnecessary expense for your company if it is left unaddressed! For example, standby power for laser printer and computer and more! Remember, always unplug your workstation before leaving the office! Give your PCs and the electricity at the office a well-deserved break! PS…It expands the working life of these electronics too!

Use energy-efficient lights with motion sensors

Replace all lights with energy-efficient lights such as LEDs. Currently, a lot of offices are still using overhead fluorescent lights which consume more electricity and emits more heat than LEDs. Upgrading to LEDs will save both energy and money. LEDs come in a lot of shapes and they will fit in well in your office! When you use lights with motion sensors, you don’t have to remind everyone to turn off the lights to conserve energy! Motion lights also provide a lot of conveniences since they intuitively know when they are needed. Workers who are often on the move and carrying many items at once will greatly appreciate that!

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