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Siang Pure
Siang Pure
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  • BRAND: Siang Pure

  • TYPE: Inhaler

  • VOLUME: 2ml

  • INGREDIENTS:  Menthol 55.90% w/v, Camphor 4.969% w/v, Peppermint Oil 3.727% v/v, Borneol 9.94% w/v, Eucalyptus Oil 6.20% v/v, Mineral Oil q.s.to 100.00% v/v.

  • DIRECTION FOR USE: For temporary relief of dizzinessand faint including motion sickness, inhale or rub over or put a drop on your handkerchief.


  • (1) For the relief of discomfort of cold and nasal congestion including motion sickness

  • (2) Lightweight

  • (3) Easy to use 

  • (4) Lightweight