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Purchase Above RM99.00 & Get FREE Yajan Spray Gun X 1 UNIT | OFISKITA

Purchase Above RM99.00 & Get Free Yajan Spray Gun X 1 UNIT | OFISKITA

Who does not love FREE GIFT?

Yes! All malaysians love it! We love it too!

Currently, we are having a promotion for FREE GIFT Yajan Spray Gun. If purchase more than RM99.00, you are able to receive 1 unit of Yajan spray gun (as a free gift), with worth of RM75.00. This promotion is only available between 20th November 2021 to 26th November 2021. 

** Purchase Above RM99.00 and free 1 unit of Yajan spray gun.

** It is only limited to 50 units!

** No return and exchange for the Yajan spray gun!


Understand more about our Yajan Healthy Lifestyle Wireless Charging Nano Blue Light Automizer Spray Gun (YJ-01)

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