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Pro Tips You Must Know When Choosing An Office Supplier | OFISKITA

Pro Tips You Must Know When Choosing An Office Supplier | OFISKITA


Is your company setting up an office space or are you considering alternatives that can help save time, cost and be more efficient for your business? 

Getting an office supplier can be a quick and easy solution, but it can be a hit-or-miss if you’re unsure of the things to look out for when you begin your search for choosing the right office supplier. 

It’s critical for you to take a bit more involvement and do a bit of homework before you get stuck with a supplier or service that you regret engaging. This guide is here to make your life easier by breaking down the tips when choosing an office supply company that you will be happy with!


  1. Do they have (almost) everything you need?

Your office supplier is here to simplify your process so you don’t waste time looking for everything you need from multiple places. When evaluating potential suppliers to single source all your office needs, it’s important to make sure they offer a wide range of products and product categories you need to operate your business efficiently. 

For instance, OfisKita has more than 1,600 branded office essentials and over 10 product categories to help you get started on your office supply inventory.

OfisKita, Your Favorite One Stop Online Store For Office Supplies.

  1.  What is their pricing like? 

Of course, the price tag matters and it’s always normal for one to get the best deal in town because after all, we want to save as much as we can. However, our word of advice is that the one who offers the cheapest rate doesn’t always mean the best value. Likewise, the most expensive doesn’t mean the best. 

Find the balance that will keep you happy and is a reasonable request from the office supplier. One way is by talking to one of their representatives to check if there are any discounts offered on bulk orders. You might be surprised how you can get the best rates! 

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  1. How’s the customer service experience? 

The job doesn’t just involve transactions, it’s a business relationship between you and the supplier. It’s important to observe how the supplier communicates and serves before you make any purchase. Here are some questions to ask: 

  • Is the supplier open and honest? 
  • Is the supplier trying his or her best to find out how to help you?
  • Is the supplier keeping you informed of any policies you should be aware of?
  • Is the supplier checking to see if you are happy? 

Although it’s not 100%, this is one way that reflects how helpful the supplier is when a problem arises in the future after you make a purchase, such as lost or damaged items, incorrect order entry, or shipping problems.

OfisKita, Your Trusted Office Partner


  1. Are they a reputable supplier? 

The best way you can do a background check to learn about a potential supplier is by seeing what others have to say. You can Google a business for online reviews easily these days. If you’re unable to find any reviews online, another way is to reach out to their past and existing customers that they’ve worked with to find insights about them. 

This can give you an idea of whether you can trust the office supplier or not. Over the years, OfisKita have served more than 1,600 SMEs, MNCs, and Corporate Companies to fulfil their office needs. 

OfisKita, Your Favorite One Stop Online Store For Office Supplies.



The right and trusted supplier offers you beyond quality product and services. It helps you to reduce your office supply costs, save time and energy while giving you a peace of mind. 

OfisKita brings together hundreds of thousands of products and product categories in one place, so here is the only place you need to go!

Shop everything you need for your office, including stationery, electronics, furnishings, snacks, PPE products and more! 

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