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  • BRAND: Mega

  • TYPE: Probiotics

  • PACKING: 10 Sachets X 0.765G Powder

  • INGREDIENTS:  Saccharomyces boulardii 250mg

  • DIRECTION FOR USE: MEGA-Probio Sachets is highly recommended for: Children (1-year-old and above) and adults Travelers Patients Working executives. Pour the content of the sachet in 100ml of water or preferred beverage,mix and drink.the power can be mixed with should not be poured or mixed withvery cold or very hot liquids or food or alcoholic drink


  • (1) Yeast based probiotic, which is used in clinical practice

  • (2) Can take together with antibiotic

  • (3) Freeze-dried (lyophilized) preparation which is stable at room temperature (no need for refrigeration)

  • (4) Stomach acid resistant

  • (5) Product from Australia

  • (6) Halal certified