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Jong Ie Nara
Jong Ie Nara
Jong Ie Nara


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  • BRAND: Jong IE Nara

  • TYPE: Glue stick 

  • WEIGHT: 8g/0.28oz

  • COLOUR: Transparent

  • DIMENSION: 20mm X 85mm


  • (1) Strong, Smooth and Clog free. Instant gluing power, smooth, clean application to photo, paper, fabric and etc.

  • (2) Long lasting. Needs only a small amount for a strong bond. Lasts longer than conventional glue-less waste.

  • (3) Clean, clear and safe. Clear and transparent, no dye or artificial colour, water soluble and non-toxic.

  • (4) 20 years of R&D bring you the clearly superior glue stick from Jong Le Nara.

  • (5) Ideal for school and office used. Especially for primary students.