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Japanese E.A Mask Anti-Bacteria & Virus Blocker (ES-020)
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Brand Others
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  • BRAND: Others

  • MODEL: E.A Mask

  • TYPE: Mask

  • FILTRATION: Killing up to 99.9% viruses, germs, bacterial & fungi

  • DIMENSION: 1.75 x 2.5 inch / 4.5 x 6.5 cm 

  • SHELF LIFE: 1 year 

  • LIFESPAN: 1 Month after the product is unsealed

  • INGREDIENTS: Chlorine Dioxide Self-generating compound

  • COLOUR: Blue

  • QUANTITY: 1pc/pack


  • (1) Killing up to 99.9% viruses, germs, bacterial & fungi.

  • (2) Removes odors.

  • (3) 1 month, 24/7, within 1 meter

  • (4) 3 dimensional & 360° shield protection.

  • (5) FDA certified.

  • (6) WHO Classified ClO2 as an A1 disinfectant.

  • (7) Safe for Kids & newborn.


  • (1) The product cannot be eaten; do not use it other than designed applications.

  • (2) If the product is accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water and spit it out.

  • (3) If the product accidentally enters into the eyes, wash eyes with plenty of water.

  • (4) If EA Mask is used in a windy condition, it may not serve the designed purpose.

  • (5) The product is a weak bleaching agent. Do not put directly on top on clothes for long time.

  • (6) Do not put the product into fire although it is not flammable.

  • (7) Do not keep the product close to metal product easily get rust.

Japanese E.A Mask Anti-Bacteria & Virus Blocker (ES-020)

The E.A Mask eliminates airborne germs, bacteria, viruses & fungi, while offering the user 24/7 protection with the safe and steady, long-term release of ClO2. Wearable item for individual and mobile protection. 

E.A Mask can produce 0.017 ppm chlorine dioxide to protect a person wearing it from virus, bacteria and fungi attack within 1 meter circle from the product. It is suitable for all ages including newborn babies and pregnant women. It can effectively prevent virus and bacteria from spreading in public transport, school and hospital if everyone is wearing it and prevent a person who wears it from bringing virus, bacteria and fungi back home via clothes.




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