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How to sign up new account, How to make payment and check order & How to check shipping charges | OFISKITA

How to sign up new account ?

First, search at google as image shown below.

Second, click the human icon right on the top and click Login for register.

Once the login page appear, click " Register Here " for sign up a new account.

After click register here, you'll see a page as below for fill up your details. Once fill up your details, you may tick at " i'm not a robot " and click continue for proceed.

Your account has been created ! And click Continue for proceed.

And your account are ready to use.

How to check shipping charges ?

First, go to cart and click " CHECKOUT " as image shown below.

After that, Click " Estimate Shipping & Taxes" & Fill up the destinations column and click " Get Quotes ".

Now you can see the shipping charges as well.

How to make payment ?

In order to check shipping charges, follow the step and continue with clicking "apply shipping" as image shown above.Then, you'll see a page as image shown below. And click " CHECKOUT" " for proceed.

Once click Checkout, You'll bring to customer info page which need to fill up customer info as below. Fill up your info at the columns provided and click " Continue To Shipping Method".

And, select " Weight Based Shipping 2 " and click " Continue".

Lastly, you need to choose which payment method you want use for the payment as well. Choose your payment method and click " Place  Your Order ". As image shown below, they chose eGHL as payment method, and there is the guide provided.

As choose eGHL as payment method, here you go the banking details, which you can use Debit/ Credit Card or Online Banking to make payment. Once done payment, click " Submit Payment " to complete order.

How To Check Order ?

Click human icon on top of the right, and click " My Order" .

After that, you can see your order list, click on " View " to check on your orders.

And you can check your orders there !


Hope our guideline will help you !

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