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How to make review on website, google, FB and IG | OFISKITA

How to make review on website, Google, FB and IG. 

1. Review on Website

First, log in to your account.

Then, click " View Details " to the product you have purchase.

Then, click " Rate Now " for make an review on the product you have purchase.

Click " RATE " for proceed.

Write down your review at the comment box and give stars according to your rating.

And finally, click " Done ".

2. Review on Google

First, seach " Ofiskita " at google.

At the column below, click " write a review ".

Then, log in to you gmail for proceed.

Once done log in, you may give a review at the comment box provided with star rating. And click " Done" as image below shown for complete your review.

Finally, you will see this image below once done review.

3. Review on Facebook

Search " Ofiskita " at facebook.

Then, click this account below shown for Ofiskita.

Once you are on OfisKita profile, 1st click " Review " at the top left there and then click " YES " at do you recommend OfisKita? .

Lastly, write your comment there and click " Post " and you're done.

You're done with a review for OfisKita Facebook.

4. Review on Instagram

First, search " OfisKita " at Instagram.

Once done search, click on " OfisKita " account and click on any post.

Then, comment your review on the comment box and click " Post ".

And also, can post on your IG story and tagged us to OfisKita as image below shown.

You're done review on Instagram OfisKita !


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