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10 Office Essentials That Will Keep Employees Happy And Engaged | OFISKITA

10 Office Essentials That Will Keep Employees Happy And Engaged 

After a significant long time of working from home, most of us can finally return to our workspace. Here’s to ditching the zoom calls, pyjamas outfit and finally being able to meet our colleagues face to face again! WOHOO~

That being said, nobody likes to head back to an office that’s badly organized, unequipped, and with missing supplies that could just slow down the whole work productivity, even by just a little. 

Below we have listed the top 10 essential office supplies you will need to create a workspace that keep people happy, motivated, and maintain productivity. 

10 Office Essentials That Will Keep Employees Happy And Engaged | OFISKITA

1. Comfortable Office Chair 

Most of the time spent will be on the chair, facing the computer. So investing in a comfortable office chair for your employees does not just show you care for their health, but you’re also investing on your business’s revenue.

Get the drafting chair from OfisKita today!  

Drafting Chair Black DC22 | OFISKITA
2. Toilet Rolls 

What, what? Isn’t this article about ‘office’ supplies, how did ‘toilet’ supplies come about? Little did you know, toilet rolls are one of the most crucial items required in the office but its importance is usually left unnoticed until the day people run out of them. 

Save those trips to Aeon or Mydin just for a toilet roll refill. 
Compact Toilet Paper in bulk & save more here! 

Cutie Compact Toilet Paper Roll 3 Ply X 10 Rolls (1 Pack) | OFISKITA

3. Pen 

One of the most commonly misplaced office items (or easily stolen :p) but also something we cannot live without at work. No one can ever schedule their ‘AHA’ moment to happen and when it does, a functional pen on hand is crucial to write anything we have in mind before they completely escape from our brains.   

Be spoiled for choices when you shop from a wide selection of pens here! 

Tombow ABT Dual Tips Drawing & Calligraphy Brush Pen (10 Colour Set) - Secondary Palette (ABT-10C-SE) | OFISKITA             Faber Castell Click NX23 Ball Pen 0.7MM (50/2000)

4. Paper 

The most basic yet essential item that is very much needed in every workplace. No one would ever want to encounter an empty tray when it comes to printing a very important document for a company VIP. 
Stock up the most basic yet essential office item
here with 0 hassle! 

IK Yellow A4 Paper 70GSM & 80GSM | OFISKITA              CRE8 A4 110GSM Premium Matte Inkjet Photo Paper (50 Sheets) | OFISKITA

5. Covid-19 test kit 

The new normal office supply! Most of us have accepted the fact that we will be living with the virus and having to self-test from time to time is not just for our peace of mind, but also for the people around us. 

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GenFarm SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Detection Kit - (Nasal Swab / Saliva) | OFISKITA   

6. Snacks 

Make your team meetings more enticing and the time towards late afternoon more enticing, less sleepy! An extra snack a day can give employees a boost in energy & happiness level. 

We offer an extensive list of snacks to keep your employees happy and get through the rest of the day easily! Shop here

Snek Ku Tam Tam Crab Flavour Snack 80G | OFISKITA             Snek Ku Mimi Prawn Flavour Snack 80G | OFISKITA
7. Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea has become part of the daily routine for many employees. By providing this, you are not adding a perk, but giving employees more benefits that come along with it such as better concentration or feel better. 

Find instant coffee, Milo, Nestum and all sorts of other energy boosting beverages for your employees here

Nestle Milo Active-Go 3 In 1 Chocolate Malt Drink 18 Sticks Pack X 33G | OFISKITA             Nescafe Original 3 In 1 Premix Coffee 25 Sticks | OFISKITA

8. Hand Sanitizer 

After all, the war with Covid-19 is still on-going and we want to do our best to make our employees feel safe and protected when they are back. That goes without placing hand sanitizer all around the workspace to remind employees to always sanitize and stay Covid-free the best that they can! 

Grab 70% alcohol hand sanitizers while they are still on special deals here!

Beauty Cottage Multi Active Hygienic Protector Hand Sanitizer Liquid 75% Alcohol 60ML | OFISKITA             Beauty Cottage Multi Active Hygienic Protector Hand Sanitizer Liquid 75% Alcohol 500ML | OFISKITA

9. Folders

The last thing we want in our sight is a messy desk, piled up with papers which takes us five minutes to look for one document. Folders are the most cost effective way to keep things organised. It is best to go colour coordinated — so your employees can file things colourfully, keeping them motivated to do it instead of treating it like a chore.

Find colour and all types of folders here! 

ABBA Silver Arch File 2'' / 3'' (406/404) | OFISKITA             East-File PP Sheet Protector (10 Sheets) | OFISKITA

10. Whiteboard

You will be amazed by how effective a meeting or brainstorm session can go with the help of a whiteboard! Besides that, if your team is constantly working on tight schedules, it serves a very useful purpose in the workspace by ensuring the whole team is aware of project deadlines and upcoming meetings. 

Get an adjustable and easily movable whiteboard here for your office needs! 

Double Sided Mobile Vovo Board Coated Steel 90cm X 120cm (VO43C) | OFISKITA              Conference Flip Chart Coated Steel 60cm X 90cm / 90cm X 120cm (FC23R/FC34R) | OFISKITA

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